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LAUNCH DELAY: Friday, February 9th

Doesn’t that just take the cake? I’ve been keeping everything on track (barely). I can see now that I need to get things out to my beta readers earlier in the process. It would also be better to print them off a copy that is all ready to print from CreateSpace. Since this process will take 2 days to complete, it would be good to get this out of the way. Also, a printed proof from them will be cheaper than a local print shop.

I reviewed the copy I had sent off to print and was horrified that it had no page numbers! That’s kinda important, especially when you get up there in numbers. You don’t want to be looking for page 400 in a novel without page numbers.

I looked back to the PDF I had submitted to CreateSpace for printing. Yup, no page numbers. It wasn’t them, it was me. They were doing their job right. I was the cotton-headed ninny muggings (gasp!). My heart was in my throat as I created a new PDF file from Word. And then I realized that my new version had some extra pages. 48, to be exact. That means the cover dimensions change (the spine is wider), so I re-ma-jiggered (technical term) the cover to resubmit to CreateSpace. That means they need another 24 hours to review it for submission.

And THEN it goes off to Amazon and appears just in time for tomorrow, right? No, that’s where we hit the final detail. Books will appear on Amazon for purchase in 3 to 5 Business Days. My balloon deflated. I have missed my window.

Life is a learning process, eh? Word to the other wanna-be-writer-folk out there:

  • Hit CreateSpace way in advance of launch. We’re talking two months ahead of launch. You will get access to cheap printing and make sure your bugs are ironed out. You can catch stupid mistakes and unsure your beta readers will see exactly what will be printed.
  • Review before approving. CreateSpace recommends looking over your proof three times. I caught my bug in the first pass. You might need all three. Do it. This is your baby.
  • Approve to publish one week in advance. If it takes 3 -5 business days, make sure there are at least 5 business days between you and launch. You may need to contact support for a day, so I’d make sure you have a 7 business days buffer.

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Printing Woes


I decided to publish my book through They take a 10% cut, but it seemed worth it to have them publish to all of the assorted stores for me–including libraries.

And then the cracks started to form in the service as I went into the actual process of publishing.

I won’t list the problems out here, because I don’t want to tarnish their livelihood. Would I use them again? No, not at all. I ended up with a superior product when I published directly through CreateSpace.

Now it is a done deal. I don’t want to switch horses this close to launch. I will be publishing my next three books through Draft2Digital. Maybe they will improve their service in years to come.

Starting with book 4, I will go direct to CreateSpace/Amazon and not bother with this silly stuff. But that is next year. This is all a learning process, right?

To make a very long story short, I will not have a printed copy of the book. I’m going all-in on the digital version. It is what it is.