Artwork by Lei Pura

You may not yet know the slang term “swoll.” It’s is short for “swollen,” but it means to get muscular or be muscular. That’s what’s going on here. Isbaal earned his bulging muscles through sweat and toil.

We do that ourselves sometimes. We struggle and struggle at a difficult task. We repeat it day after day. Sometimes we get discouraged. At some point, we stop and say, “Hey, I’m starting to get good at this!”

Don’t stop and admire yourself in the mirror for too long. It is easier to lose something than to earn it! If you aren’t stepping on the gas in life, you’re stepping on the brakes. It took you a long time to get up to 60 mph. How fast can you slow down?

To all those our there speeding up in life: “Don’t ever stop. The reward is great… but only for those that hold on.”

Peace & Love,



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