Sugar cereal isn’t good for you, but puzzles are good for your brain!

How cute is this!

I really can’t decide which one to do first. OK, you got me. It’s gotta be the Lucky Charms.

It is a six-pack of mini jigsaw puzzles. Each one is a cereal snack box. Remember those? Miniature boxes of sugar cereal that Mom used to buy (before she learned that sugar cereal was bad for you). It came with one healthy cereal, so everybody could pretend it was good for you. We didn’t care. All of us kids wanted the box of Lucky Charms.


-me as a kid

It was really cool when Mom cut a hole in the side of the box and poured milk right in the box!


All of those feel-good memories flooded back when I saw this variety pack of mini-puzzles on Amazon (no affiliation). I tore into it immediately on arrival. Of course I went for the Lucky Charms (they’re always after me Lucky Charms).

Here’s my thoughts.


The puzzle was a blast to put together. I would definitely call this mini-puzzle a “one sitting puzzle.” I could see this as being round one of a puzzle tournament. It went together quickly, but it was extremely satisfying.

I sat back and looked at the finished puzzle with a sense of pride. How long did it take? I had to think about that. It took about 30 minutes. I could do a different one each day. Almost a week of puzzle pleasure. Sweet!


The last puzzle I assembled from White Mountain was the “Movies 1000-Piece Puzzle” (no affiliation). I was really impressed with the quality. I have put together several puzzles. I found my White Mountain puzzles to be a step above:

  • Thick pieces. The quality was unmistakable. The pieces were just a little thicker than the puzzles from other companies.
  • Sure Snap. I’ve put together some other puzzles that you weren’t sure about piece placement. A piece could fit correctly. It could look right. The only clue you had didn’t appear until later, when you couldn’t find a piece. Then you have the hassle of taking a whole part of the puzzle apart. Not cool. You don’t have the same problem here. There is only one place where a piece fits and has the right colors/design.
  • Small Details. There’s lots of small details that mark a White Mountain puzzle as being unique. The corners come to a rounded point instead of a straight edge. The backing is royal blue rather than gray. The border edges have an actual border added. This distinguishes a piece as “edge” and not “is that an edge?”

All of the above is true of the White Mountain puzzles I have finished so far. This is not true of the “Cereal Variety Pack.” The pieces seemed of slightly lower quality. The pieces didn’t have the same “snap.” I put together many pieces without being totally sure.

This one felt a bit rushed. It’s about the gimmick, rather than the puzzle quality.

I don’t care, ‘cause this one is a cool idea. It’s a “snack pack” of puzzles. It would keep a kid occupied on a camping trip. It’s small enough to hold their attention before they get bored.

The company could have hit this one out of the park by including the same puzzle quality. This is just merely “very good” as opposed to a “must have.”


There wasn’t a ton of challenge here for an adult. I couldn’t stop smiling, though. I’ve spent hours staring at the design of those cereal boxes. The design came together in minutes for me.

This would be ideal for children. The design should draw them in. The puzzle difficulty is low, so they should finish it before they bore.

For adults, it is a light puzzle “snack.” I like to put a few pieces together while I drink my morning coffee. In this case, I could put together an entire puzzle in the same amount of time.


I bought my last puzzles from Amazon. They arrived in a few days. After realizing the high quality, I wanted to support the company. I went directly to the source and bought puzzles off their website.

The design of the site was playful and fun. I placed my order with a smile.

And then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

My puzzles arrived a few weeks later. If I had ordered from Amazon, my order would have come in just a couple days.

Not cool.

I’ll make my next order from Amazon again. I gave you a shot, White Mountain.

Take Away

4/5 The “Cereal Variety Pack” is a fun little gimmick. If you’re looking for a little puzzle to do with the kids, this is a great buy.

When you’re done with the kid version, try your hand at the adult version!


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