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The man before him was lanky and short. Then again, Char was taller than most. He could have been average height. He had the unexercised look of a scholar. His golden-brown hair was cropped around the neck and longer on top.

He chuckled as he imagined the hair sprouting like grass. He imagined chewing grass. Really grinding it with his teeth. He licked his lips again. His stomach rumbled.

Char giggled. That made him snort. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand.

The man’s boots were a shining black, secured with thick laces. He had seen boots like this before, on Outland marauders. Was he a hired mercenary?

A soldier would make more sense, but this man didn’t have the right build for soldier work. He didn’t have the dangerous look of a mercenary. Maybe an advisor to the marauders? That made more sense. He decided this man was some kind of high-level official of some sort. He was leaning toward marauders, but he didn’t know what his allegiances were.

There was a small black object in his hand. It gave off a small glow. Char could not make out the magical words. It must be magical. He had never seen illuminated words like that. He bet that the small object and the glowing box on the ground were both magic. Was the man a strange wizard?

Could he access any of his own magics? Closing his eyes, Char felt deep within—searching. Still nothing. He kept his face calm as he opened his eyes. He didn’t want to communicate the fear he felt. He was without his staff and devoid of magic.

I am calm. I am confident.

The man glanced around the cave, “Where are we?”

Char’s eyes narrowed. Did he not know, or was this a game? A test? Everyone in the area knew this was the cave of the Overlord.

He ignored the question. “There was a battle,” Char said. “I won.”

The man grunted and nodded in appreciation. “Those wounds were pretty severe. Your attacker must have been huge. How did you win? Are you a psionic?”

Char didn’t recognize the word. Why would an official be asking these questions, anyway? He should be very aware of the Overlord and what he could summon.

Char’s eyes were pulled to a rainbow of color passing behind the man. Char knew it wasn’t there, but it made him chuckle. He forced his face to be serious. “Why should I answer any of your questions? Why are you here?”

Kerr held up his hands in defense, “Ok, that’s fair. Let me start over.” He extended one hand toward Char, a disarming smile on his face. “My name is Kerr.”

This was an interesting ploy. Friendship? He didn’t know anyone who would try this angle, regardless of allegiance. He ignored the outstretched hand. “My name is Char.” He chewed on the words for a moment and then puffed up his chest.

“Master Char.”

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