Never curated. Never will.

Screenshot of my profits for the month (the total is down in the article)
My own personal screenshot. Read on to get the punchline.

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This is article #77 on Medium over the course of three months (April is month #4). I have never had an article curated. I now guess that I am in curation jail. Medium denies that it’s a thing.

It’s a thing.

I’ve heard that even talking about curation jail puts you in danger of being placed in curation jail.

Hey, Medium! I’m talking about curation jail! You should totally move me from curation jail… to curation jail! Nanner nanner poo poo!

My top article has made $54.86 and had 818 views:

At first, it was my featured post, but then I realized I don’t want to get fans based on that story. It is the type of story I will never write again (God willing).

Instead, I am featuring my earning reports. That seems to be something people find interesting. Earning money.

I’m interested in earning money. Are you interested in earning money?

Without curation, it’s a very, very slow climb. You’ve heard stories of writers making thousands of dollars a month. Either those authors were curated, or else they had thousands of followers. I am coming close to my first thousand followers.

At this rate, it will take me 2.5 years to get ten thousand followers.

Challenge accepted!

On the bright side, I’m hoping those will be more loyal fans. I hope those will be the type of fans I can make a consistent income with.

Hey, wanna check back with me in 3 years and see how I’m doing? It’s OK. I’ll wait.

What about the stats, already?

I know that’s why y’all are here. I’m just teasing. Thanks for being so patient. I’ll lead with the Medium profits.

· 1 Medium Earnings. My earnings for the month of March were $59.20. My earnings in February were $26.60. That’s an increase of 122.556%. The month prior, my profits were $0.40. That’s an increase of 6,550%. I’m gonna estimate low for the profit increase next month. Wanna say 80%? My hope for next month will be $106. You really have to run your spreadsheet out a couple of years to keep your hope up!

· 2 Total Earnings. My total earnings are all from Medium. I would like multiple sources of income, but that’s not happening yet. I cross-post all of my articles to my personal web site, as well. I was looking at my stats and saying to myself, “Can I monetize that yet?”

Google Adsense pays you based on impressions. People don’t have to click on your banners. I applied. It said a response could take two weeks. I was patient. Finally I got a notification that they are not accepting new applicants during the corona virus crisis. I can reapply!

Gee, thanks, Google.

I’ll reapply after the crisis is over.

In the meantime, I looked for another service that pays based on impressions. I checked out Propeller Ads. I applied, got accepted, got excited, and tried to pull my first ad. It was only then that I was told my site had to be in the top 500,000 websites based on Alexa Site Rank.

I’m not there yet.

I’ll start keeping track of my Alexa Site Rank in these monthly reports. You know, they should really tell you this kind of information up front. That would have saved me about an hour of my time…


Or something. Shrug. I dunno. Just a thought. I don’t have any strong feelings either way.

I haven’t had time to look for another site that pays based on impressions. When I find one, I’ll let you know.

I went to Commission Junction. They have banners based on (you guessed it) commission. That means if somebody clicks an ad and buys something, I get a small payment. They pay out when I hit $100 in commission. So far, I have made zero.

I put it in late in the month, so no big woop. I’ll replace it as soon as I find someplace that will pay me based on impression, not click and buy.

If you want to help a brother out, leave me a comment telling me about an impression-based service.

It’s like the blind leading the frickin’ blind, here!

My free WordPress template lets me install one banner ad in the header of my site. I put in a banner for my web host. If somebody buys through my link, I make $25.

No dice this month.

I’ll also replace that if I find an impression-based offer.

Since the WordPress template didn’t have additional spots for banner ads, I used a plugin called Ad Inserter. That link is for the Pro version (no affiliation), but I used the free version. It did all I needed to.

I now have Commission Junction ads on about three parts of my site. They may not get any love, but at least it makes my site look more professional!

Don’t I look like I’m raking in the bucks?

I’m not.

At all.

· 3 Average per Day. March had 31 days. That’s an average of $1.91 per day. Oh, man, I feel like a rich rapper! Makin’ the coin! That’s literally coins. I’m making literally coins each day.

Last month, my daily average was $0.92. That’s an increase of 107.609%. Nice! Try to get that kind of return on the stock market, yo!

· 4 Medium Followers. I currently have 954 followers. 30 days ago, I had 401. That’s an increase of 137.905%.

· 5 Movie Publication Followers. A few weeks before the whole corona thing hit the fan, I started a publication on Medium of movie reviews. Now the theaters are closed.

Smooth move, Mr. McCabe!

How was I supposed to know all the theaters were going to close?

It’s still there. You can still follow it. There are currently 6 subscribers. Last month it had 2. I’m so not going to run the percentages on that one.

But, progress!

· 6 Fiction Publication Followers. I started a 2nd publication on Medium where I could put my fiction writing. It is meant for short reads of all types. I don’t have any other authors who are contributing, but the door is open!

Last month (the 1st month) had 0 followers. I’ve got 5! Color me pleasantly surprised!

What color is that? I’m thinking a pink. Maybe that “scream” emoji?

· 7 Newsletter Subscribers. Last month was 27 subscribers. It is currently 37.

Noice! An increase of 10.

I’m planning to up my newsletter sends to weekly, based on advice I have received on Medium. My hope is that “meh” subscribers will flee and “yeah” subscribers will become more loyal.

We’ll see how that affects my stats next month.

· 8 Site Visits. Since I started recording my visits mid-March, this stat is more of a baseline. I got 51,921 visits (partial month) and a daily average of 1,674 visits.

This is my new “zero” that I will base future increases on.

· 9 Newsletter Stats. My current open rate (average) is 17.76%. My current click through rate (CTR) is 11.94%

· 10 Alexa Site Rank. My current rank is 6,752,572. My goal is to be 500,000 or less. I need to get better than 6,252,572 web sites! Go! Go! GO!

This is my first month checking, so it will be my new “set-point.”

That was a lot of stats, but what’s it all mean, Basil?

Everything is slightly better than the month before. I’m happy with the results. At least, I’m hopeful for the future.

It would be hecka cool if I had a few articles curated and I could make actual money from this thing!


I’ll wait.

I told myself I would not look at my earnings at all this month. I will see the big reveal in May when the email drops.

(Big money, no Wammie, no Wammie… STOP)

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