6. HTML Forms

This is a bit more complicated

Screenshot of my sandbox showing HTML output
Screenshot of my sandbox showing HTML form output.

The coding is starting to feel more real. I don’t have much experience with forms in HTML. I learned them when I first learned HTML, but I didn’t have to use the in email design. My knowledge has cobwebs.

This chapter took longer than the previous ones. It wasn’t really “new” as much as “unfamiliar.”

I wanted to give myself note and examples over on my sandbox.

. I used the “pre” tag to show the code I was using. I discovered right away that it was still rendering my tags inside the “pre.” I then had to go back and “break” my examples by adding a “<” code before each tag.

That had the added complexity of doing everything twice (or four times). I had to add my code once, test it, add it to my “pre” block, and add “<” codes to break it. I hope repetition drills this lesson into my head.

Comments on the lesson

There is a lot of discussion on how forms used to be styled (manually) and how they are now styled using CSS. In my examples, I used the old-school method since I don’t really know CSS.

That’s coming.

It talks about the new types of input boxes that are available in HTML5. At the time of the writing, browser support wasn’t widespread. Even then, we want things to be as backward-compatible as possible. The new tags are cool and all, but I am going to ignore them. I am reading over then in case I see them out in the wild.

The only thing the new tags give you in data validation on the browser level. If you still have to check the rest of form using JavaScript, why not check the entire form? It’s all silly, if you ask me. I’ll save the form-validation for the next book (when I learn JavaScript).

My brain is full for the day. I did a lot of back-end work in my sandbox. There isn’t much on the “output side” (this article).

Do other developers run into this? Do they have to do a bunch of programming on the back end just to have “Hello World!” appear on the front end?

I did a lot of work today. Really, I did!

See y’all tomorrow!

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