007. The Lightning Attack and the Decision

It can shoot lightning?

Lightning bolt in cloudy sky
Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash

The tail recoiled, pulling back for another strike. It shot forward again, but it was still too far. Kerr didn’t waste any time moving backward in a frantic crab walk.

The scorpion stinger pulled away. The creature turned its face back toward him. Kerr gulped. The scientist in him tried to make sense of what his eyes were seeing. It was some kind of nightmarish abomination.

Was this a creature that existed in his past?

The creature’s green eyes flashed. Its’ jaws opened wide. Kerr could see two rows of yellow, pointed fangs. A pink tongue unrolled.

The creature made a strange sound. Kerr froze in place. The sound grew louder. The sound was familiar to Kerr, like a jug filling with water.

Clouds billowed from the open maw. The clouds flashed with electric sparks. They tumbled out like water from a pitcher.

Kerr’s eyes widened and he spun to the side.

Bolts of lightning struck the ground where Kerr had been laying. Dirt exploded in a cloud. The ground blackened with each strike.



He continued his roll and pressed against the wall. Another volley of electricity struck the ground.

Kerr yelped. Quickly standing, he started to back away. Then, he turned and ran into the dark of the cave—he didn’t look back. After he was a good distance in, he risked a look behind him. The storm was no longer behind him. He could no longer see a trace of the creature. That didn’t mean it wasn’t still there. Not wanting any more surprises, he headed deeper into the cave.

As his eyes adjusted, he could see the glow of his open briefcase. He moved to the safety of the light.

He looked at the injured man. He didn’t need the med box to tell him. The man was doing worse. He could hear the panting. Kerr swallowed hard. He felt helpless.

Kerr’s eyes slid to the silver briefcase. A lot of good that had done him. The Gift was an active mixture. It would expire in six hours. That didn’t include the time he had been floating in the void of the Passage. It could expire any moment. He shook his head. Worthless.

This had been his chance to make a difference for the future. If he had gotten to deliver…

Kerr’s thoughts trailed off.

His eyes widened. His jaw dropped.

That was it!

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