Numb3rs S1E03: Vector (2005)

Hollywood handles a virus outbreak better than the Trump team

When I was doing my article on 50 Shows to Binge Now, I stumbled upon an interesting-looking show that I had never heard of before… Numb3rs.

When I hit episode 3, the hairs on my neck started to prickle. It’s about a deadly outbreak of the 1918 Spanish Flu. It starts out eerily-similar to the events of the modern day.

It quickly dissolves into the Hollywood fantasy that we all wished would have happened. It is funny/curious how Hollywood believes a deadly outbreak in LA should be handled.

It is nowhere near how it was actually handled.

Some parts of the show are down-right silly. Not because it is actually silly, but because I can’t imagine that the US would treat an outbreak as serious as this one fictional show does.

Watch this to see how this should have been handled.

For the love of Pete, will you guys stay home and shelter? I’m saying that to the folks who are still treating this as if it is no big deal.

Another cool thing is that this episode occurs early in a new series. You can watch episode 1 & 2 to get a feeling for the characters. Then you can watch with amazement how episode 3 all goes down. Then you will know if you like the show enough to continue with all 6 seasons.

I rather like it.

Numb3rs can be found on Hulu.

An episode synopsis can be found on IMDB here.


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