Needing More Honesty in Movie Reviews

We need some changes

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I messed up.

I realized what I had done when I reviewed Onward (2020).

I usually start with a base score and then modify that score based on other variables. One of those variables is “Family Safe.” I give a movie a bonus of .5 points if it is family safe. I felt that Onward was family safe. I gave it a bonus.

Here’s my scale:

6-Star: Must-See
5.5-Star: Awesome
5-Star: Fantastic
4.5-Star: Super Good
4-Star: Good
3.5-Star: Decent
3-Star: Meh
2.5-Star: Not great
2-Star: Bad
1.5-Star: Super Icky
1-Star: Horrible
.5-Star: Just the Worst

Onward was a mediocre movie. It was a solid 3.5. That score should have stuck.

If the movie were worth seeing again, I would give it a boost. If it had any triumphant moments, I would give it a boost. Both can decide the true quality of a movie. This movie had neither.

But family safe? It’s important to note if a movie is safe for the family. Then a parent can decide if it’s a film they can take the clan to. But what if they don’t want to take the whole family?

Some movies are not intended for family viewing.

I am going back to edit my scoring system, as well as my previous movie reviews. I will still note if a movie is family safe, but I will take out the point boost. It’s giving movies better scores than they deserve.

Many of my reviews will be affected, as well as my scoring guide and submission guide for my new Medium publication.(

I hope this makes for more honest reviews.

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