Valentine for my LDL Family

My video Valentine for my beautiful wife in Rome and our family in The Philippines. ❤

It’s Valentine’s Day–a celebration of love to all. I am in a long-distance marriage with my beautiful wife, Maria Luisa Vispo Dela Cruz. She is a chef living in Rome, Italy. That is thirteen hours to the east.

She is working to support her family, who lives thirteen hours to the west, in The Philippines. I am sending my love all around the world. Over in The Philippines…

  • Mom & Dad ❤
  • Erika & Gelo & Andy ❤.
  • Niko ❤
  • Karl ❤
  • Jessica (living with Mom in Rome) ❤
  • Alyssa (my young star) ❤
  • MJ (my young computer hacker) ❤

I want to send my love out to all migrant overseas worker. I appreciate all the fathers and mothers who are working hard to give their children a better life. Your sacrifice is beautiful and appreciated.

Maria Luisa Vispo Dela Cruz

Last, but certainly not least, I want to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to my love, Maria Luisa Vispo Dela Cruz (Malou). I miss you, baby. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I am very fond of you ❤ Being apart is hard, but we will be together before you know it, and it will be wonderful.

Pain comes in the night, but joy comes in the morning.

I look forward to kissing your lips on your 100th birthday ❤❤❤

God bless, everyone 💌

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