Don’t Tell Me How Much Money You’re Making as a Writer

It’s starting to get kind of silly. Every high-paid writer is telling you how much money they are making, and they’re stupid rich.

Must be nice.

Wouldn’t you like that, too?

Sure, they say. It’s easy. Just get used to making next to nothing and write every day for three years.

Easy, right?

Something doesn’t quite add up here.

The average reader was looking for an easy answer here. From what I’ve read so far, there is no easy answer.

You better work.


I would much rather read an article with a non click-bait headline. I am just as vulnerable to the click-bait headline as the next person. “How I Made $8000 Writing” gets a lot more clicks than “I Made $8000 Writing This Month and it Only Took Three Years!” But perhaps the latter is more honest.


I was having a conversation with a friend about stand up comics. They perform night after night for little or no pay. After several years, you have Kevin Hart. This might be a “Last Person Standing” situation. If he’s willing to perform his art for years on little or no pay, he must be good, right?

I wondered, “Is there an art that I would be willing to do for years on end for little or no pay?”

You got me. I’d write for years on little or no pay. I’ve written a novel, but that was in spurts. I’ve never sat down every day and pounded at the keyboard. Now I am. Right now, my earnings are pathetic, but I will continue to report them every month.

I’m not going into a three-year experiment to see what will happen.

I just like to write.

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