This is Day 1 of my fasting journey. Current weight: 250.2lbs. Keep watching for the dramatic changes!

I’ve had it. My life is not the way I want it to be. I ate poorly over the holidays. I want to lose weight. There’s a lot of good benefits to fasting, but I really just want to lose weight.

 A few years back, I fasted for 21 days. I lost a lot of weight. It took my life in a new direction. I lost over 100 pounds, and people noticed.

 In the three years since, I’ve kind of floundered. Is it time to go on another fast?

Today I read an article from the fasting expert, Dr. Jason Fung.

“The #1 Rule of Fasting” by Dr. Jason Fung

It’s a good read, but one thing stood out to me:

“…there is no reason to fast for 30 consecutive days just for the sake of argument. Why not do 4 separate 7-day fasts instead? It will have roughly the same beneficial health effects with far less risk.”

Dr. Jason Fung

He’s the “man” when it comes to fasting. If he says I will get the same effect from doing multiple fasts, I’m on-board.

Yes, there’s some medical things I would like to clear up.

I recently discovered I was gluten-intolerant. That’s an interesting story.

I have lived all my life having a tough time with carbs of any kind. At the same time, I craved sweets and breads. When I had a meal of heavy carbs (like pasta), I would feel brain fog and a serious case of the sleepies. A good 15-minute nap and I would be good to go, right?

That’s the way it is for everybody, right?

I work every weekend at a local food bank. My permanent station is the desserts and baked goods. They’re nice to look at and to smell, but for me it is strictly do not touch! We have a couple guests who are gluten intolerant. I hold aside any specially-made goodies for when they come through the line.

Last Saturday, I started talking about gluten intolerance with one of the guests. What happens if you eat gluten? She listed off a lot of symptoms. How do you know if you are gluten intolerant? She said there is a very expensive test, or you could just try some gluten-free goods and see how you feel.

Huh. Really?

That day I took home some very yummy gluten-free pasta. The next day, I ate only the gluten-free pasta. I didn’t want any other variables.

I felt amazing.

I didn’t feel tired, sluggish, or crappy after eating a very large amount of pasta.

So there’s that.

I have since done a lot of research on gluten intolerance. It can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Is that the reason I have the following:

  • MS
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Brain fog
  • Depression and anxiety

Could be. Only one way to find out.

Clean Up Time

I have been eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) for 45 years. Who knows what kind of damage I have done to my system! I think a good fast is a way to clean up any extra gluten in my system and repair the damage.

I have been playing with fasting for the last three years. I’ve done one meal a day (OMAD), intermittent fasting (IF), alternate day fasting, black fasting, and long-term water fasting.

It was a good opportunity to push myself. I was exercising my self-control. I felt empowered by accomplishing something. But, after reading Dr. Fung’s article, I think I might have been risking injury. I will do several 7-day fasts. I will alternate one week on and one week off. The feeding week will restore my backup vitamins and minerals.

In my previous fasts, I have notice almost all of the benefits that the experts talk about. My weight loss was simply amazing, but now I wonder how much of that was being gluten-free. Eating nothing is pretty friggin’ gluten-free!

My focus was razor sharp.

The coolest thing (even better than the weight loss) was the ability to sleep four hours per night! I would wake up fully rested after just four hours of sleep! I’m sure that’s not the case for everybody, because I was hard-pressed to find another example cited online.

Maybe that’s just my side benefit and reason to try another fast.

I will be telling y’all what “day” I am on, in 7-day increments. For the next 7 days, I will be on a straight water fast. The rules of a water fast:

  • Calorie-free beverages are OK (no artificial sweeteners!)
  • Black coffee and unsweetened coffee are OK
  • 100 calories or less per day. That will allow you to put something small in that coffee, if you can’t drink it black.

I have found that hunger comes in waves. If it’s hard, just wait a few minutes and it will pass. Have a coffee.

Another benefit of fasting they don’t talk about? I have learned to listen to my body. That helped me identify that I had a problem with gluten. I don’t think I would have been able to tell if not for the fasting.

I also know what “true hunger” is like. I can honestly ask myself, “Is this a craving, or real hunger?” I also have an easier time stopping my eating before a full-on binge. I can identify “true full” as well.

Check back tomorrow to read about my progress.


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