Step Three… PROFIT


In an effort to monetize the site a little, I have applied to Amazon Associates. Here’s how it works. I post a link to a product on Amazon. You look at it and say, “That’s cool, but I don’t want that.” Then you browse around Amazon and find that cool unicorn adult pyjamas that you’ve had your eye on. It was a moment of weakness… you buy them. Since I was the one that referred you to Amazon (with my initial link), I will get a small commission (so small).

The really cool thing, for those of us trying to make a buck, as that Amazon leaves a cookie on your computer. That cookie says, “HEY! This guy referred me to Amazon!” Then, if you go back to Amazon and buy a matching unicorn purse, I will also get a small commission (so small).

If that was all TL:DR (too long, didn’t read), you can help me a ton by clicking the link below. You don’t have to buy anything! Just click that link. But… unicorn pyjamas…

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