Printing Woes


I decided to publish my book through They take a 10% cut, but it seemed worth it to have them publish to all of the assorted stores for me–including libraries.

And then the cracks started to form in the service as I went into the actual process of publishing.

I won’t list the problems out here, because I don’t want to tarnish their livelihood. Would I use them again? No, not at all. I ended up with a superior product when I published directly through CreateSpace.

Now it is a done deal. I don’t want to switch horses this close to launch. I will be publishing my next three books through Draft2Digital. Maybe they will improve their service in years to come.

Starting with book 4, I will go direct to CreateSpace/Amazon and not bother with this silly stuff. But that is next year. This is all a learning process, right?

To make a very long story short, I will not have a printed copy of the book. I’m going all-in on the digital version. It is what it is.

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