So, I got kinda sorta excited. Scratch that, I got very excited. I finally, finally, FINALLY finished the book after years and years of work. I glanced at the calendar and said, “Hey! The first of next month is a nice, round number…”

Bad idea. Very bad idea. But, hey, this is all a learning experience, right! I get an A+ in “Bad Decisions 101” for the day.

Why is that a bad decision?

  • Printing Woes. You might have difficulty sending the thing to print. You should have a few extra days to do it right. If this is your first book, you’ll need extra time to learn the system.
  • Beta Reader Time. If you plan to use beta readers, you need time to print it out, ship it out, have them read it, ship it back to you, and make the final edit. Oh, and you’ll need about $100 to make that magic happen.

So, when you finally type “The End” on that manuscript, look at the calendar and add two months. You’re welcome. Nobody wants to be in a rush… like I am.


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