I stopped posting every day. I went on a two-week vacation to visit family. Somebody showed me a piano and then I was all jazzed about finding time to practice…

Hold on… slow down there, buddy. What you really want to do is finish your novel. Everything else is a distraction. Posting on your blog every day is a distraction. Posting a video every day is a distraction. Practicing piano is a distraction.

The only reason I’m posting this is to say that I won’t be posting every day.

While we’re here, I decided to change the names of the books in the series. I realized that the word “sorcery” might put off my target audience: Christians. If my books are one part CS Lewis, then the names shouldn’t be off-putting. Here’s the names of the books in my series:

Time of Faith: The Sinner
Test of Faith: The Forgiven
Born of Faith: The Redeemed

As far as editing is concerned, I am currently on chapter four. A lot of the previous chapters were combined as I went along. I didn’t want to say, “I’m still on chapter two,” because I’ve actually covered a lot of ground. I am on page 82 right now. I have the first chapter sent off to a magazine editor to see if I’m making any major errors. That will likely require another restart of my edit from page one. At least I’m doing it right this time, eh?

With my new focus of doing this writing thing full-on, I edited for five hours straight. It’s not a full-time job, but I should finish this soon.


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