Respect Yourself

If you want to be the best human you can be, you must learn to balance the five parts of your identity.


The body is your vehicle in life. It's your only one. It's gotta last. Take care of it. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy food. Exercise every once and awhile. Reduce your stress.


Your spiritual life is just as important as your physical health. Pray. Meditate. Worship. I practice Christianity. All of my articles assume a worship of God. Quest for the correct religion with zeal and gusto.


All work and no play makes Matt a dull boy. It helps to have hobbies, too. Never stop learning. I like to write, so most of my articles revolve around that. Whatever your passion may be, pick one and get good at it! Not sure what your passion is? Pick something and TRY IT!


They can be up. They can be down. I struggle with anxiety/depression. I have found ways to manage it (sleep and diet). If you cannot manage it, seek medical treatment! At the very least, you should be working on it.


You can live without money, but it's pretty tough. Money isn't evil. Money is a tool, like a brick. You can build something great with it, or you can hit somebody with it. Don't hit somebody with it. Learn to budget. Learn to save. Learn to invest.

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