You Need 7 Artists

It is not a simple thing to put together a comic. There are SEVEN roles. You may not have 7 different people, but SOMEBODY has to do it...


All of those cool ideas come out of one head. Do you think you have what it takes?


This artist takes the script from the WRITER and turns it into panels for the LINE ARTIST.

Line Artist

This artist uses the rough panels already created and creates the RAW ACTION of the comic! This is usually done in pencil.


The comic is drawn, but it lacks DEPTH. The inker goes over all that light pencil and makes it RICH and DEEP. Shadow and texture is also added at this stage.

Background Artist

While one artist is working on everything that happens in the FOREGROUND, another artist is creating the STAGE. This is usually done in paint of some sort.


Just like when you used to color in books, the colorist breathes LIFE into what the Inker has made. In addition, shading makes the shapes looked curved and deep. Betcha you dinna do THAT in school!


The last step is putting purdy words on top of that-there artwork. This used to be done by hand. Now it is mostly done in computer using PhotoShop.

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