Team Typo

Editors can be great. They just take weeks or months to clean up your manuscript. We don’t have that kind of time, here, people! I want to churn out the next chapters of our story TODAY.

I need your help. Join our Typo Team and help save humanity from seeing another typo. I self-edit my manuscripts. Each one goes through about eight revisions. Still, typos are going to slip through the cracks. That’s why I need you!

Submit a typo report and I’ll release a new and improved version. Everyone who has a Kindle will automatically receive a new version. Everyone that buys the printed version will receive our latest and greatest.

Together we can save humanity–or at least have fewer mistakes. I want Typo Reports so much that I’m offering a bounty of TWO points on the leaderboard (One report per person per novel).

Submit enough of these bad boys, and there could be a Staff T-Shirt in your future.

How to Prepare a Typo Report

1. Request a Free Copy of my Book. Free copies of my book go to Beta Reader, Review Ravagers, and Team Typo. My email address is matt AT

2. Mark Up your Free Copy. If you are reading my book on dead-trees, mark up the paper with ink. If you are reading my book on a Kindle, highlight each error and bookmark it. Email me a report (let’s hear it for homework!) listing the incorrect phrase that I will be looking for.

3. Buy Twelve Copies of the Corrected Version. Just kidding. But honestly, I will list each person who submits a Typo Report in the updated manuscript. Join history!