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Sunday $.99 Book Sale!

Perhaps you were looking at my book and saying, “Nah. I’ll wait for the price to drop.”


THIS Sunday, April 22nd the Kindle version of my book will only be only $.99. Less than a dollar. Do you have a measly, tiny, eetsy, beetsy dollar? Please? Just one? Think of the puppies.

The book is enrolled in the Kindle Countdown program, so each day you delay will cost you an extra buck buck BUCK:

Monday: $1.99
Tuesday: $2.99
Wednesday: $3.99
Thursday: $4.99 (Which is still a savings of 50%!)

For those of you reading around the world, the book will also be on sale in the UK Amazon store!

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Book One FULLY Launched!

This is it, ladies and germs. It has been a long time coming, but book #1 is fully published on Amazon. Now I got things figured out for a smooth launch of book two (this summer). First, the paperback was listed, then the eBook as a lone entity, now we have the complete package on one page.

I’ve made an easy URL to goes straight to the listing:


And I say again, sir.


Book Launched… Kinda

I’m glad this was my first time publishing a book. They say, “If at first you succeed, then try something harder.” I think I set a good goal, because I failed a lot.

Last time we met, I told you that launch was delayed because it took 3-5 business days to move from CreateSpace to Amazon. In reality, it’s closer to 7 business days. Luckily, I guessed that last week when I missed my first launch day.

The next hurdle was the eBook version. Was that created automatically after the paperback goes live? Nope. Here it is on launch day. The paperback version is live. Where is the eBook? Oh. I guess I get to make that up. I pushed hard to get it published… And now we wait. Amazon needs another 3 days to get it live. And then I know that there will be two listings… One for the paperback and one for the eBook. Amazon customer service can combine them, but that takes another day.

Le Sigh. We’ll make it better next time.

Lastly, this is an Amazon exclusive. They pay you more if you agree to only sell on Amazon. It’s 30% vs. 70% as an exclusive. It’s a good thing that Amazon controls the biggest marketplace.

Check out my book online!

If you want a crack at the Kindle version, join my mailing list. I give everybody there a free copy of the eBook. I’ll also let them know when the Kindle version is available for purchase 🙂