Get in the Game

How would you like to become a superfan? Through 2018, MW McCabe will be running a contest to discover his biggest fan.

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What Will I Get if I Win?

The winner will receive:

  • Free Books for Life. Whenever Matt publishes a new book, the superfan will get a FREE copy in digital and print.
  • Free First-Runs. Before each book is launched, an edited first edition will be delivered to the superfan for FREE (digital only).
  • Exclusive Logo. The superfan will receive an exclusive logo. Feel free to display the new logo on your website, email signature, and social media.
  • Exclusive T-Shirt. There will be ONE T-Shirt created each year for the superfan. The T-Shirt will display the superfan logo and the year.
  • Free Swag. If Matt creates promotional material for his book(s) (ie. bookmarks, posters, artwork, graphic novels), the superfan will receive his or her copy first and FREE.
  • Wall canvas art. The first swag planned is a printed canvas artwork from the book.
  • Mystery prize! What do y’all want? Email your ideas to “prize AT”. I’ll pick the best one and announce it in the newsletter.

How to Compete

I will award each person via email address, first come, first serve. That means if two people are tied by points, the first person to contact me is in the lead. Contact me at matt AT stake your claim. I will award points on the following scale:

  • Post a Review (1 point). The review can be good or bad. The review can be on Amazon or Goodreads (up to 2 reviews per book). Join our Review Ravagers! Email me a link to your review and THAT’S IT!
  • Sign up for my Mailing List (1 point). This one is a no-brainer. If you have an email address, you can sign up for my once-a-month newsletter list. If you want an extra incentive, people on my list have can download my books for FREE if they offer to leave a review. I will also notify y’all when my books are available for $.99! Forward me your a copy of your confirmation email to get on the board!
  • Submit a Typo Team Report (2 points). We’re flying without an editor here! I rely heavily on my crack squad on the Typo Team to submit Typo Reports for each novel! Each time a book is updated, it becomes stronger for the rest of the world. Save a puppy. Submit a Typo Report.
  • Complete all Launch Missions (2 points). Join our Book Launch Team for some FREE points, FREE books, and FREE swag! Groovy! Each book launch will be accompanied by a few missions. Complete them all an get 2 points! There will be several book launches per year, so join the team to see the latest!
  • Bonus Points (2 points). Each month, I will pick one random email subscriber to award two points. It’s just another reason to stay on my once-a-month newsletter!
  • Hidden Easter Egg (3 points). Only a hard-core fan will discover the Easter Egg I have hidden in book one of the trilogy. Discover it and explain it to me!
  • Mystery Bonus (?). I will occasionally release the Point Blimp to randomly give someone (?) something (?). This will be a rapid-fire contest. Stay tuned to my blog, Facebook page, and mailing list for details.

Current Leaderboard

Name Points
Richard Snavlin 3
Annie Comfort 3
Pam Spence 3
Michelle Rowe 3