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Accountability and JK Rowling

Howdy brothers and sisters,

I am recording from my laptop this morning.

I edited again yesterday and I wanted to give you an update. I realized that I didn’t ever tell you about my story. This book is over ten years in the making…. wow. I started in High School, and my 25 year reunion is coming up. This thing is TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OLD! There’s nothing like time to make you feel old.

That reminds me of that song by They Might Be Giants:

“You’re older than you’ve ever been and now you’re even older
And now you’re even older
And now you’re even older”

I guess it’s high time I got this thing finished. I don’t want to be looking back on this when I’m on my deathbed and wished I had finished it. Anything worth starting is worth finishing. Somebody famous said that once. I like this quote. This gives you a very special kind of responsibility. You need to be choosy about what projects you start, because we are tenacious. Anything we start is gonna be finished, gosh darn it!

I also wax on a little bit about JK Rowling. It’s something that has been kicking around my mind as of late. It inspired me, at least.

Cheers, and Happy Writing!



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